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Storm Trucks Book - Hardcover

Storm Trucks Book - Hardcover

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Axel loves loud trucks.
Digging. Pushing. Lifting. Building.

Axel does not love loud and scary

Journey with Axel and his sweet puppy through a big thunderstorm. Axel loves loud trucks—big, strong trucks that go RUMBLE RUMBLE BEEP! But when a scary storm booms and rumbles outside, Axel feels scared.

But wait! Axel's imagination kicks in! He sees trucks in the sky, making noise as they build... something! With his puppy by his side, Axel faces his fear and helps his friend through the storm, finding a surprise at the end of their journey.

This story is about friendship, feelings, and facing fears. It's for kids who love trucks. It's for kids who feel fear sometimes. It's for kids who love puppies. Join Axel and his puppy on a brave adventure that shows how imagination and kindness can beat even the scariest storms.

About the Book:

8.5" x 8.5"
Page Count: 32
Hardcover Picture Book
Copyright © 2024 by Charlotte Glaze
Publisher: Meira Media LLC
Author: Charlotte Glaze
Illustrator: Charlotte Glaze
ISBN: 979-8-9906802-2-7

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